Child's drawing competition "Mom Daddy and Me"
  Objectives and subject of the competition:
  The aim of the competition is:
• developing imagination and creative skills of children
• presentation and search of artistic talents
• shaping competition in the spirit of fair play
• presenting your creativity to a wide audience.
The competition is open and directed to children aged 3 to 6. Participants will be divided into two age groups:
1st group - for children from 3 to 4 years old
2nd group - for children from 5 to 6 years old.
The child's task is to do artistic work in any technique on subjects compliant with the title of the competition: MOM DADDY AND ME.
  Technical conditions:
  The competition entry should meet the following conditions:
• work must not exceed the dimensions of A3 sheet (297mm x 420mm)
• work can not be a spatial form (sculpture, mock-up, building of blocks, etc.)
• work can be done in any technique (pencil drawing, crayons, paints, cut-out, etc.)
You must attach an Application Form to each job or, on the reverse side, provide the following information:
a) name and surname, date of birth of the child,
b) name and contact details of the reporting person,
c) data of the educational institution.
The competition entries will be evaluated by the Competition Commission appointed by the Organizer. The task of the Competition Commission is to evaluate the entries sent to the Competition and to select in each age group the winner of the competition and winners of the second and third place and the distinguished people.
  When assessing the entries sent to the Competition, the Competition Commission will take into account:
• originality and aesthetic values
• the quality and contribution of the participant's work.
  The Organizer will award material prizes and diplomas to the winners of the Competition.  
  Competition entries should be sent by June 22, 2018 to the Organizer's address:
IFCAS Foundation
Pomorska 10/11
81-314 Gdynia
(with the note MOM DADDY AND ME)
  The works submitted to the Competition will be published on the Competition Promoter's website without providing the personal details of the author.  
  Participation in the Competition is synonymous with the acceptance of the Competition Regulations and the obligation to comply with it.