International historical competition
Frequently Asked Questions
  Is there a fee for entering the contest?
  No. Participation in the competition is free.  
  Can I submit more than one piece to the contest?
Yes. Each student may enter a maximum of 1 piece in each of the 3 categories. That means you can submit 1 drawing and one video and one text elaboration. You can also take part in a lesson about the Holocaust and develop a relationship with it. Just remember that you must attach a separate Reporting Card to each submitted competition entry.
  When is my submission due?
The competition work should be sent to the IFCAS Foundation from October 1, 2018 to January 27, 2019. If you send the work by courier or post, the date on the postmark will determine. The work must be sent no later than January 27, 2019.
  How do I send my work to the competition?
You can send it by courier or post. If you have it on computer, you can send it by e-mail (as an attachment to the message) or by using the application form available in "Report work" button. If your work is on a CD or DVD or other storage medium, send this media by post or courier.
  Do I have to attach the original of the Reporting Card to every work?
Yes. But for now, you can provide a copy (scan, photo, etc.), e.g. by e-mail. Just remember that if your work is among the finalists, we will ask you to provide the original. If you do not do it within the set deadline, you will be excluded from the competition.
  Do I need the permission of my parent or guardian?
  Yes. Your parent or legal guardian must also personally complete, sign and send the Reporting Card within the deadline.  
  Can I work with one or more of my classmates/friends on my submission?
No. You must do the work you submit to the drawing, text or movie category yourself, without help. With colleagues or friends, you can make a report from a lesson or other event and report it as a group work.
  Can I make an interview with a Holocaust survivor?
Of course, you can. Inspiration and form of communication depends only on you. You can record a video or write an interview and report in the appropriate category.
  Will I get my job back after the competition ends?
  No. All works become the property of the IFCAS Foundation.  
  Does the education lesson have to be done by the teacher?
  No. Any adult can run it. It may also be another student but under the supervision of a teacher.