International historical competition

On September 1, 1939, at 4:45 AM, one of the darkest periods in the history of mankind began. Nasis Germany without the declaration of war struck Poland, beginning the II World War. Bloodbath which the Third Reich led by Adolf Hitler together with the Allied states prepared for the world lasted for 6 years and cost the lives of about 60 million people. The enormity of cruelty, ruthlessness and unrestrained bloodlust that fascists have shown in various parts of the world can be described as an amok of murdering.
Almost every country in the world has suffered in the fight against fascism. And although it is difficult to compare the scale of suffering of victims and losses, there is one nation that has experienced the greatest humiliation and cruelty – the Jews.

By the German nazists, Jews were always considered how the subhuman and destroyed in a ruthless manner. After the outbreak of the Second World War, they became the target of mass extermination in Europy occupied by Germany. Fascists and their supporters did not spare anyone: children, women, old men died in gas chambers, burned alive in barns, sentenced to die of starvation in the ghettos.


The victims of fascism were about 6 million from the 7.3 million Jewish population living in the German-occupied Europe.


That's what we call the HOLOCAUST.


Today, we honor the memory of Holocaust victims and say NEVER AGAIN. Let hatred of other people never be a determinant of action and love and respect will forever remain in our hearts and mind.


Let's learn history so that it never happens again.

  Przemysław Pociejewski
  President of the Board of the IFCAS Foundation