International historical competition
Regulations of the competition
The objectives of the competition
  The aim of the competition is:  
commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust
dissemination of knowledge about Shoah
shaping attitudes based on altruism and empathy
combating and stigmatizing intolerance, discrimination and racism
mutual knowledge and understanding in a spirit of tolerance
respect through the acceptance of diversity
The organizer of the competition
The organizer of the competition is the International Foundation for Culture, Art and Science IFCAS with its registered in Poland, Pomorska 10/11 Str., city: Gdynia, postal code: 81-314 .
The organizer is responsible for the correct course and formal and legal matters related to the competition. All inquiries regarding the competition and interpretation of the Regulations should be sent to the email address
Organizational Assumption
1. Information about the Competition and Competition Regulations are published on the Organizer's website:
2. Participation in the competition is voluntary and free.
3. The competition is international, open and addressed to students (up to 18 years old), teachers and leaders of educational groups.
Persons associated with the Organizer, members of the Competition Commission and other persons involved in the preparation, organization and conduct of the Competition can not participate in the Competition.
Subject of the Competition
1. An individual participant, the student is tasked to perform work in accordance with the title and objectives of the Competition assigned to the category:
a) plastic work (drawing, painting, poster, photography, computer graphics, etc.),
b) written study (essay, short story, poem, etc.),
c) video (movie, multimedia presentation).
A group participant (group of students, educational circle, etc.) is to perform a work in the form of a relationship (written study, photojournalism, film, presentation, etc.) from a lesson, performance or other educational form devoted to the Holocaust.
Only works made on their own can be submitted to the Competition, collective works are excluded (with the exception of §4 section 2). Each participant can submit only one work in each category.
Competition works must be original works, not previously published, not being the subject of another competition, and not burdened with legal defects or claims of third parties.
Competition entries must not contain offensive or vulgar content that harms the rights and feelings of third parties, promotes violence and aggression, hatred and prejudice of all kinds and erotic content.
Technical conditions
  Competition entries must comply with the following technical conditions:  
1) artwork:
two-dimensional image made in any technique (drawing, painting, photography, collage, computer graphics, etc.)
the maximum working format is A3 (297 x 420 mm)
computer graphics:
- maximum format is B1 (700 x 1000 mm) in a vertical arrangement
- color palette CMYK
- resolution from 150 to 300 dpi
- file type: JPG, png, tiff, psd, bmp, ai, cdr, svg
all subtitles must be in English
2) written elaboration:
up to three pages A4 (around 1000 words)
font 12 or 14, Arial or Times New Roman
file type: PDF, doc, docx, txt, odt
the work can be written in any language, but an English translation must be included
3) video, multimedia presentation:
duration of maximum 5 minutes
movie file type: mp4, mpeg, mov, avi, wmv
multimedia presentation file type: pptx, ppt, odp
all subtitles must be made in English
if there are scenes in a different language in a movie or presentation, an English translation must be included
4) reportage, lesson report (collective work):
a) if the written relation is its length, it can not exceed six A4 pages. Other conditions are the same as for written elaboration (§5, 2)
b) if the relationship in the form of a video file or a multimedia presentation is the same as for the movie (§5, 3)
Applications for competition entries
1. Competition entries should be sent to the Organizer's address or reported electronically, in accordance with the conditions referred to in §5 of the Regulations, in one of three ways:
a) to the e-mail address: as an attachment to the message,
b) send by post office original competition works or in the form of a file stored on any medium (CD, DVD, pendrive, SD memory card, microSD),
c) send via the Internet using the application available on the Competition website.
2. For every indywidual competition work must be accompanied Reporting Card.
3. Reporting Card on behalf of the student must be signed by their parent or legal guardian.
For collective work (reportage, lesson report) referred to in §5 section 4, attach the attendance List Of Participants signed by the teacher and the head of the educational institution.
5. Entries made in a different way, eg delivered personally to the Foundation's seat, will not be accepted and will not take part in the Competition.
6. Selected entries will be published on the website of the Competition Organizer.
Participation in the Competition is synonymous with acceptance of the Regulations and consent to the collection and processing of participant's personal data by the Organizer for organizational and promotional purposes of the Competition in accordance with the European Union RODO Act.
8. All costs of participation in the Contest, including postage costs, shall be borne by Participants of the competition.
9. The organizer does not refund costs, materials, submitted competition entries and is not liable for any damage to these works and storage media.
Schedule of the Competition
1. Entries for the Competition will be accepted from October 1, 2018 until January 27, 2019.
2. When the competition entry, Reporting Card and List Of Participands are sent by post, the date on the postmark is decisive.
3. The list of Winners will be published on the IFCAS Foundation website by April 16, 2019.
4. The Contest winners referred to in §8 sections 5 and 6 of the Regulations will be notified via e-mail.
Evaluation of competition works
1. All submitted entries are qualified by the Organizer for compliance with the conditions set out in these Regulations.
Qualified competition entries will be evaluated by the Competition Committee appointed by the Organizer. The Commission will be composed of representatives of the Organizer, representatives of independent creative circles and other invited people.
3. The composition of the Competition Commission will be announced when announcing the results of the Competition.
4. The task of the Competition Commission is to evaluate the works selected for the Competition and to select the Contest Winners.
5. From among all qualified works, one Competition Winner and 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category will be selected by the Competition Commission.
6. The Competition Commission in agreement and with the Organizer's consent may award additional prizes or decide on a different distribution of prizes.
7. When evaluating the submitted works, the Competition Commission will take into consideration:
giving the message and idea of the Competition
originality and aesthetic values
quality and artistry
knowledge and commitment in promoting historical knowledge.
8. The decisions of the Competition Commission are final and can not be appealed. The Competition Commission is not obliged to justify the decisions taken.
Each participant whose work will be qualified for the competition will receive from the Organizer a "Participant Certificate" in a digital form (.pdf file) sent to the email address provided in the Reporting Card or List Of Participants.
The Organizer grants to each Winner of the Competition referred to in §8, Sections 5 and 6 of the Regulations, diplomas and material prizes funded by sponsors.
The award ceremony will take place at the place and time specified on the day of announcement of the Winner List or sent to the address provided in the Reporting Card or List Of Participants.
1. The Competition Contractor as well as its individual elements may only be a Contest Participant.
Entering the Competition is tantamount to free and unlimited time and territory authorization of the Organizer to use the competition work by public presentation and copying and production by any technique, as well as introduction and public presentation on the Internet.
Before announcing the results of the Competition, the Organizer may ask the person submitting or participants to send additional information or original application documents. Failure to respond within the prescribed period may result in exclusion from the Competition or withdrawal of the prize awarded.
Final Provisions
1. The organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the dates of the Competition and change the Competition Regulations. Information about any changes will be posted on the Organizer's website.
2. In matters not covered by the Competition Regulations, the Organizer decides.