International historical competition
  The aim of the competition:
  • commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust and dissemination of knowledge about Shoah
• shaping attitudes based on altruism and empathy
• combating and stigmatizing intolerance, discrimination and racism
• mutual knowledge and understanding in a spirit of tolerance and respect through the acceptance of diversity.
  Participants and the subject of the competition:
The competition is international, open and addressed to students (not older than 18 years), teachers and leaders of educational groups.
  Participant (individual work) is tasked to perform work in accordance with the title and objectives of the Competition assigned to the category:  

a) artwork (drawing, painting, poster, photography, computer graphics, etc.)

b) written study (essay, short story, poem, etc.)

c) video (movie, multimedia presentation).

A group participant (collective work) must to perform a work in the form of a relationship (written study, photojournalism, film, presentation, etc.) from a lesson, performance or other educational form devoted to the Holocaust.
Only works made on their own can be submitted to the Competition, must be original works, not previously published, not being the subject of another competition, and not burdened with legal defects or claims of third parties. Each participant can submit only one work in each category.
Each participant whose work will be qualified for the competition will receive from the Organizer a "Participant Certificate" in a digital form.
  Technical conditions:

• two-dimensional image made in any technique (drawing, painting, photography, collage, computer graphics, etc.)
• maximum working format is A3 (297 x 420 mm)
• computer graphics:

— resolution from 150 to 300 dpi

— color palette CMYK

— maximum format is B1 (700 x 1000 mm) in a vertical arrangement

— file type: JPG, png, tiff, psd, bmp, ai, cdr, svg.

All subtitles must be in English.


Written elaboration:
• up to three pages A4 (around 1000 words)
• font 12 or 14, Arial or Times New Roman
• if you send a competition work as a file (not the original) then file type must be: PDF, doc, docx, txt or odt.

The work can be written in any language, but an English translation must be included.


Video, multimedia presentation:
• duration of maximum 5 minutes
• movie file type: mp4, mpeg, mov, avi, wmv
• multimedia presentation file type: pptx, ppt, odp.

If there are scenes in a different language in a movie or presentation, an English translation must be included.


Reportage, lesson report (collective work):

› if the written relation, then it can not exceed six A4 pages. Other conditions are the same as for written elaboration

› if the relationship in the form of a video file or a multimedia presentation conditions are the same as for the movie.

  How to submit a competition entry:  
  Competition entries should be sent from October 1, 2018 to January 27, 2019 to the Organizer's address:  

IFCAS Foundation

Pomorska 10/11

81-314 Gdynia


or reported electronically, in one of three ways:

1) to the e-mail address as an attachment to the message

2) send by post office original competition works or in the form of a file stored on any medium (CD, DVD, pendrive itd)

3) send via the Internet using the application available on the Competition website Report work

For every competition work must be accompanied by an Reporting Card. Reporting Card must be signed by parent or legal guardian. For collective work (reportage, lesson report), attach the attendance List of Participants signed by the teacher and the head of the educational institution.
  All necessary documents are available in the Report work  
  WARNING! Entries made in a different way, eg delivered personally to the Foundation's seat, will not be accepted and will not take part in the Competition.  
  Some qualified competition work, will be published on the organizer website without providing personal data of author.  
  Participation in the competition is voluntary and free. Detailed information can be found in the Rules of the competition.