Art Competition For Children



Competition results


Pursuant to §8 of the Rules of the competition, the Competition Commission in agreement with the Organizer decided:
1) indicate the winner of the competition and the winners of the second and third place
2) distinguish twelve competition entries in each age group.
The competition commission wants to emphasize the very high artistic level of submitted competition works. Members of the Commission have never had such a difficult task to select the winners of the competition. The huge number of submitted works and the variety of artistic techniques meant that the selection of winners and the indication of several outstanding competition works were almost beyond the strength of the members of the Commission. We express our deep conviction and hope that the artistic talents revealed here will continue to be developed and nurtured under the watchful eye of parents and guardians of young artists. The Commission is aware that the indication of a few or even a dozen or so outstanding works may give rise to insufficiency for the remaining thousands of authors who were not on the list. However, we would like to assure you that all the works have been thoroughly viewed and their artistic values are duly appreciated. The Commission will continue to follow the development of young artists.
1 age group (from 3 to 4 years old):
Winner: Ealasaid Nielsen (44923)
2nd place: Brian Robbins (36278)
3rd place: Filipa Vasconcelos (43021)
  Elena Bogdanow (60732)   Konstancja Łarzewska (37269)  
  Алла Бережная (62104)   Emilie Svendsen (39035)  
  Kateřina Luptak (62811)   Elise Van De Velde (42583)  
  Maria Montoya (36483)   Ana-Maria Dumitrescu (42741)  
  Елена Лаврентій (36571)   Leonida Papandreou (44494)  
  Aino Mäkelä (37047)   Kasia Latoszek (44589)  
2 age group (from 5 to 6 years old):
Winner: Charlotte Verhoeven (36260)
2nd place: Inès Moreau (37060)
3rd place: Büşra Akbari (36151)
  Julia Benítez (51206)   Anna Meyer (63051)  
  Jozik Červeňák (61525)   Aleksandra Ferretou (63092)  
  Aniela Malik (022051)   Sophie Becker (587190)  
  Emma Mäkinen (62203)   Thea Gundersen (36074)  
  Nina Kudlik (030030)   Lena Błoch (34002)  
  Linnéa Jönsson (62718)   Amanda Tracy (37668)  
All prizes and diplomas for the distinctions will be sent to the address indicated in the application form.