Exhibitions, concerts and vernissages presenting the diversity of cultural heritage and ethnic backgrounds are excellent source of knowledge and understanding of what divides, but also what connects arts and culture derived from different backgrounds.
We organize meetings and conferences to engage local communities in learning about multicultural heritage and restoring its memory.
The International Foundation for Culture, Arts and Science (IFCAS) takes actions that are aimed at creating a platform for dialogue in a spirit of tolerance and respect for cultural, ideological and religious diversity.
International meetings, symposiums and competitions aimed at both professionals and amateurs, bind together the creative, artistic and scientific environments, which become a leaven for mutual acceptance and contribute to avoidance intolerance and misunderstanding.
We express our deep conviction that through our actions aimed at mutual knowledge, understanding and acceptance will contribute to respect the spirit of tolerance and understanding, to the integration of and improved international relations.
IFCAS Foundation directs its activities also to children and young people, as a natural bonding agent environment different cultural, philosophical and religious. This is what children and young people untouched xenophobia, which is alien to alienation and intolerance, is a guarantee of good relations between communities regardless of race, religion and worldview.
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