The Foundation operates in the sphere of socially useful public the following tasks:

1. Cultural, educational and upbringing, shaping the attitudes of society in a spirit of tolerance and respect for cultural, religious and ideological.
2. Upholding and promoting national tradition, cultivating and developing national consciousness, civic and cultural .
3. The activities of national minorities and ethnic and regional dialects.
4. Supporting development of local communities.
5. The activities of European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation between society ber.
6. Measures for the integration and dialogue, and develop contacts and cooperation with minority communities.
7. Help Polonia and Poles abroad.
8. Organizing and promoting the exchange of educational, cultural and integration, including children and teenagers with respect for cultural and religious diversity.
9. Action for culture, art, protection of cultural and national heritage.
10. Charitable activities by providing assistance and material support to authors, gifted children being in a difficult situation.
11. Social assistance, including assistance to families and individuals facing difficult situations, ensuring equal opportunities for those families and individuals.
12. Promotion of Polish Republic abroad.

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